Address: Garibaldi utca 5. 1054 Budapest, Hungary.
Phone: +(36-1)3023456, +(36-30)9518763;

The Parliament Hostel and the Garibaldi 5 Apartments & Rooms are centrally located on the Pest side, between the Chain Bridge and Margaret Bridge, a block from the Danube River and Parliament, on a secure location, quiet and clean area in between the Prime Minister’s Office, and to the Museum of Ethnography. The Kossuth square, in front of the House of the Parliament was recently renewed. On the wall of the Ministry of Agriculture, you can see the sign of 1956 bullets, reminding us to the innocent Revolution heroes, killed on this square. Here is a piece of the 20th Century history of this Central European country, just round the corner, in the center of Budapest.


Transport: Kossuth ter Metro red (M2) line; Tram Nr. 2; Trolleybus Nr. 70 and 78; Bus Nr. 15.

How to get there?

From the Airport:

  • Airport Minibus from the Airport to the Garibaldi Guesthouse and Parliament Hostel; for two or more guests the taxi is equivalent to the minibus’ fee. Fotaxi is the tender winner of the Airport taxi services. See: https://www.bud.hu
  • By public transport: (200E blue bus and Metro M3, at Deak ter change to M2); M2 (red line) to Parliament, towards the downtown, just behind Kossuth ter metro.
  • The 100E Airport-bus starts from the Deák tér (Károly krt) from 04 am to 23.30 pm by half an hour, from the Liszt Ferenc Airport starts from 05 am to 0.30 am next day by half an hour. The bus 100E end stop is at the Deák Ferenc tér, Budapest (Károly krt side).  Specific ticket’s price is about HUF 900/EUR 3. From the Deák Ferenc tér: take M2 metro, one stop up to the Kossuth tér, where Garibaldi 5 Apartments & Rooms is located behind the metro stop.

From the Railway Stations:

  • Keleti Railway Station: take 4 stops by M2;
  • Deli Railway Station: take 3 stops by M2
  • Nyugati Railway Station: in walking distance; or take two stops by M3, at Deak ter change to M2, and take one stop up to the Kossuth ter.

From ship terminal:

  • Tram nr. 2, to Parliament, or walk 10 minutes along river bank.

By car:

  • Navigate towards the downtown, to the Parliament, and look for the Garibaldi utca – where the Garibaldi Guesthouse and the Parliament Hostel located – behind the Kossuth ter metro.


LonE 19°02’49.64    LatN47°30’17.54